Meal Planning Printables

I know we all struggle when we hear the question “What’s for dinner?”. I am trying to help get rid of that deer in the headlights response by meal planning. As a newbie to meal planning I know it can take quite a bit of time when you are first starting out, but it will save time and money on your grocery bill. I have spent lots of time looking up meal planning tips and I thought I would share some with you as well as some printables I made to help get you started.

  1. Have your recipes handy. Make sure that you have all of your cookbooks, pinterest, recipe cards etc handy so you don’t have to sit and try to remember what recipes you have.
  2.  Make a theme for each day. In case you find yourself at a loss for what to cook on a particular day try to have a general theme for each day handy so you can always have a little inspiration. For example, Taco Tuesday, Slow Cooker Thursday, or Finger Food Friday. You don’t always have to follow those categories but it can be good when you are at a loss.
  3. Save you meal plans/grocery lists! Save those lists! Then if you are really busy one week you and pull out one of your previous lists to reuse save you time.

I have several printables. A monthly meal plan calendar, a monthly grocery list (I printed this on the back of my monthly meal plan) and a weekly meal plan/grocery list.


♥ Download Monthly Meal Planner Here ♥

♥ Download Monthly Grocery List Here ♥

♥ Download Weekly Meal Planner Here ♥

Make sure you tag me on Instagram so I can see how you are making it work for your plans! – Mrs D ♥ –




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